Wholesale Bonsai


The success of Kyoto bonsai has been achieved by consistently supplying the best bonsai available. Customers often comment on the higher quality of our bonsai trees, compared to others on the market. There is no secret here – it is achieved through hard work and strong relationships with our suppliers. We work closely with them and visit their nurseries up to 3 times each year to personally select the best bonsai available. Only in this way can we be sure to maintain our high standards.

We import bonsai trees regularly throughout the year. From China we have regular shipments of commercial ‘indoor’ trees, along with outdoor bonsai each spring.

We offer a wide variety of commercial outdoor bonsai from South Korea including many different Japanese Maples. Bonsai from Japan are regarded as the best in the world and each spring we import a full range, from smaller shohin sizes to large specimens including Japanese white pines, Junipers, Azaleas and Maples etc.

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