Glazed Bonsai Pots

There are many manufacturers making glazed pots in China. Quality varies enormously even though the pots are often given similar code names. For many years we have chosen to source these pots from a forward thinking ISO registered company. The quality is superior to the many alternatives we have seen.

Mixed boxes of Chinese glazed bonsai pots.


 Glazed Drip Trays

SG-4.5 12cm rect. tray _0000_DSC00894_0001_DSC00888
SG-6 16cm rect. tray
SG-8 22cm rect. tray
SG-10 26cm rect. tray
SG-12 30cm rect. tray
SG-14 35cm rect. tray
SG-16 40cm rect. tray
SO-4.5 12cm oval tray
SO-6 16cm oval tray
SO-8 21cm oval tray
SO-10 26cm oval tray
SO-12 31cm oval tray
SO-14 35cm oval tray
SO-16 40cm oval tray